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Ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel

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Product Description
1) Product Introduction
  Ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel features high strength, good heat resistance, excellent sharpness, and high cutting efficiency, will not generate  heat or blocking easily during grinding with small thermal expansion amount, and it is easy to control the machining accuracy. Compared with resin binder, diamond grinding wheel solves the problems of low service life, low grinding efficiency and easy deformation of grinders during grinding and cutting. Therefore, ceramic bond has a more and more obvious advantage in the abrasive machining of ceramic and some special materials and enjoys good prospects in the development of diamond grinding wheels. High-performance grinding wheels with high speed, high efficiency, high precision, low grinding cost and low environmental pollution have been widely used, and become the focus of research and development of grinding tools in the world recently.
2) Features and Advantages
  1. High grinding efficiency, easy dressing of grinding wheel with long    service life;
  2.With high wear resistance and less abrasive particles consumption, especially when grinding very hard and brittle workpieces.                                                                                                                                                3. Small grinding force and low grinding temperature;
  4. Workpieces ground have a high precision, good surface quality, and the workpiece shape retention is good.
3) Application Scope
  Ceramic bond diamond grinding wheels are mainly used in the machining of wafers (semiconductor silicon and solar wafers), diamond compact, polycrystalline diamond, diamond tools, CBN (cubic boron nitride), tungsten steel (cemented carbide), new engineering structural ceramics, precious stones, crystal, rare earth materials (magnetic material) and other highly hard and brittle materials. Ceramic bond diamond grinding wheels with good toughness are used for the rough and finished grinding of TV electric image tube fluorescent screens. Using ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel to process high performance silicon wafers for integrated circuits (IC) features high machining precision, low machining roughness, no metal ion pollution to the silicon wafer after grinding, and high percentage of product acceptability.
4) Customer Information
  Packaging: 1 piece/box
  Date of Delivery: Determined by the customers’ ordering quantity
  Delivery Method: By express or logistics, the seller pays the expense
  Payment: Payment before delivery
  About Sending Samples: The buyer shall bear the sample fee and express       fee if the sample quality is approved.


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